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Glasgow 10 Day NLP Master Practitioner Course

You will learn how to establish deep connections with others effortlessly, enhancing your ability to influence and communicate effectively. Mastering advanced Rapport techniques will empower you to create profound connections and build strong relationships with ease.

Explore the intricate system of beliefs and how they shape an individual’s reality. Discover the power of Sleight of Mouth patterns, enabling you to transform beliefs and unlock greater levels of productivity and happiness. By understanding the dynamics of beliefs, you will have the tools to create lasting change in yourself and others.

Learn how to utilize anchors in a sequence, unlocking their full potential. Discover the art of conversation anchors, allowing you to influence others unconsciously using spatial anchors. Mastery of advanced anchoring techniques will amplify your impact and facilitate profound transformations.

Exploring more distinctions and their influence on communication. Learn how different meta programs interact and how this understanding can help you predict and shape human behaviour. By harnessing the power of meta programs, you will gain a heightened level of influence and effectiveness in your interactions.

Explore advanced techniques to uncover and challenge deep-seated linguistic patterns that limit human potential. By mastering the Meta Model, you will become a masterful communicator, able to unravel complexity and facilitate profound shifts in thinking.

Learn how to use Milton Model techniques to induce deep states of relaxation, open up new possibilities, and facilitate transformative change. Mastery of the Milton Model will empower you to communicate with elegance and impact, unlocking the potential of the unconscious mind.

Journey into the intricate realm of submodalities, exploring the fine distinctions of the internal world. Discover how to create significant shifts in perception, enabling you and others to lead happier, healthier, and more productive lives. By mastering submodalities, you will unlock the keys to personal transformation and facilitate profound shifts in behavior and thinking.

Learn the art of using Isomorphic and Homomorphic Metaphors to create change and facilitate deep learning in others. Harness the power of storytelling and symbolism to communicate complex ideas and evoke transformation. By mastering the art of metaphors, you will become a captivating communicator, able to inspire and engage your audience on a profound level.

Learn how to uncover core values and use them to create a sense of fulfilment in yourself and others. Gain the skills to transform and align values to empower personal and professional growth. By working with values, you will tap into the core motivators that drive human behaviour, unlocking the keys to personal excellence.

Discover the art of creating hypnotic phenomena, including time distortion, negative and positive hallucinations. Learn how to induce altered states of consciousness and unlock the full potential of the unconscious mind. By mastering hypnotic phenomena, you will have a powerful tool at your disposal to facilitate deep change and achieve remarkable results.

Discover how to shape someone’s perception and behavior subtly and strategically. Uncover the secrets of making any NLP technique more potent by skillfully setting up unconscious cues. By understanding unconscious set-ups, you will enhance the effectiveness of your interventions and amplify the impact of your work.

Learn various approaches to modeling excellence and gain practical experience in carrying out advanced modeling projects. By mastering the art of modeling, you will develop the ability to extract and replicate the strategies and behaviours of exceptional individuals, allowing you to create outstanding results in your own life and the lives of others.

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